4 kWp Off-Grid System

  • Client:
  • Location: Linden-Soesdyke Highway
  • Surface Area: m2
  • Year Complete: 2019
  • Value: $
  • Supervising Engineer:

Green Power Solutions Inc. was THRILLED to be a part of this sustainable project. While the exciting details of what the building is to be used for and its location will be revealed by our client in good time, let us tell you a little about this beautiful retreat!

The building was designed simply – using the bare fundamentals of construction. Materials like the white sand and timber were taken from the environment. Sand bags were used in place of hallowed blocks and plastered with concrete to build walls. Doors, windows and flooring were taken from the surrounding trees, and were cured through fire.

Because of dense forest around the buildings and its geographical location, Green Power Solutions recommended the client use solar technology in place of wind energy. This entire operation will run fully on solar energy.

This facility boasts a 4kWp Off-Grid system that has a 11.2kWh energy storage capacity!

Go sustainable!