Completion Date: 2017

System Installed: 20.1 kWp solar grid-tie solar system.

Scope: The company wanted to offset electricity cost.

This company’s monthly expenditure on their electric bill was $450,000. They wanted to reduce this cost to enhance their customer experience and reduce their retail prices. In 2017 Green Power Solutions Inc implemented and installed a 20.1 kwp solar grid-tie solar system  at this company.


This company is now saving upwards of 44% (GYD $200.000) in energy cost monthly, not including additional savings through energy-efficiency measures and LED lighting. Within the life span of this solar system (25 years) this company is expected to save GYD $48,300,000.
The Environmental Benefits this company will be offsetting throughout the life span of the solar system is equivalent to:
  • 22,221 kg of CO emissions.
  • 256 kgs of NO/SO emission.
This emission offset is equivalent to 3499 trees planted.

If you are interested in saving money and at the same time helping the environment make sure to contact our professional team at Green Power Solutions Inc.